About us


Who says “When, but now?” is the time to open your eyes and let life hit you?

Well, it’s us: Manu and Fritz. Austrian born and bred we both soon in our lives figured that it might be interesting to explore what may lay behind the lush meadows of our native villages. Still at university Fritz spent 6 months in Rome making some bucks working in a bar while trying to improve his Italian before moving on to live in Valencia, sucking up the Spanish lifestyle. At the same time Manu tried her luck in Finland checking out Scandinavian life from the obligatory sauna sessions to boat trips with hundreds of drunk Finns.

Back together in Vienna for 2 years we got itchy feet again and decided to pack our rucksacks and get a one-way ticket to Barcelona to find a job and spend a year or two. Reality turned out slightly different. After 7 years living in the Mediterranean capital we just can say that one has to fall in love with this city! We could live the active life we both love so much: go for a run after work, play volleyball at the beach and have a swim afterwards, skiing or hiking in the Pyrenees, go camping and scuba diving at weekends, or simply wash down some tapas with the local red and dance the night away with our friends.

And of course we love to travel! Luckily we managed to do a fair bit of it over the last years. We have seen good part of Europe and also hopped over to Morocco. We enjoyed great experiences from surfing in Portugal to hazardous road trips in Turkey, from fishing in Cornwall to the world’s biggest Balkan music festival in Serbia, from almost crying over Italy’s glorious food to eating German Currywurst (again, almost crying). We travelled through Central America, sleeping in a chalet full of rats in Honduras (worst night EVER) and swimming under a waterfall in a tropical forest in Costa Rica, visiting Maya ruins in Guatemala and eating tacos in Mexico. And then there was Indonesia, the country that woke our interest for Asia. Its beaches, volcanoes, food and above all people made that we wanted to come back and see and explore more in this beautiful region.

So now we feel it’s time to make the move. It seems like the right moment to try out something different. So we both quit our jobs to – for the first time ever – be able to do a real long trip, not only extended holidays. Our initial idea is to travel through Central Asia, down to South East Asia and then over to India before moving back to Austria in 2015. Let’s see how it will turn out in the end. First stop Kazakhstan – we’ll keep you posted!!!